Sunday, July 29, 2007

Urinary Crystals pictures and brief infor (sasi's)

Uric Acid crystals

Calcium Oxalate crystal (look out for the 'X' )

Triple phosphate crystal (coffin like)

Crystal formation in urine can be caused:
- By an augmentation of concentration beyond the supersaturation capacity. This situation is mostly the result of a decreased dilution like in a case of insufficient water intake.
- By a decreased supersaturation capacity. This situation could be caused by a decrease in inhibitors concentration, a neutralization of these inhibitors, by some electrolytes, or a by pH change.
- By the presence of crystals with a promoter effect on the crystallization of another species. Crystallization of calcium oxalate promoted by amorphous urates is a good example of this phenomenon.

Usual urine crystals found in Urine:
Alkaline pH
Amorphous phosphates
Triple phosphates
Ammonium biurates
Calcium phosphates
Calcium carbonates
Acid pH
Amorphous urates
Uric acid
Calcium oxalates


The Lab Freaks said...

Hello sasi was wondering. What will happen to the patients with the crystals formed in them and can the crystals be dissolved if the patient take in sufficient liquid back??

Najib (0503217B)

Anand said...

is there any relationship between amorphous phosphate crystals in urine sediment & black colour of urine ?

Anand said...
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